Le Max 2 tiny project

5f247d7e58bb78c8068683dfdde86440 LeEco Max 2 x820 has dual sim and fantastic screen, however it has been collecting for quite a while on my desk. Now it’s time to put it to work

The Max 2 has dual sim cards and both can be on 3G. My two sims

  • Freedompop LTE
  • Lycamobile Paygo

Project goals:

  • Phone will have both sim cards active, Lycamobile sends/receives calls and texts and Freedompop card handles data.
  • Phone will have bootloader unlocked and root.
  • Xposed framework and some modules installed to stop ads.
  • Youtube can play on background
  • Youtube ads will be blocked.


  • Unlock bootloader
    • Enable developer mode and turn one
      • usb debug
      • Allow oem unlock
    • Launch adb, and make sure phone connected by running adb devices.
    • adb reboot bootloader
    • when in bootloader, fastboot oem unlock. No pass code needed for Max 2.
  • Download twrp at https://twrp.me/leeco/leecolemax2.html
  • While phone is still in bootloader, fastboot boot path_to_twrp\twrp-3.1.1-0-x2.img
    • unplug phone from usb cable
    • plug in usb OTG drive
    • backup system, boot, data, EFS, etc. Do not backup “system image” partition, it may cause backup to fail.
    • When all done, reboot to bootloader again and plug phone back.
  • Download latest magisk zip file from XDA.
  • Make sure phone is connected by “fastboot devices”.
    • fastboot flash recovery path_to_twrp\twrp-3.1.1-0-x2.img
    • be prepared to press and hold volume up.
    • fastboot reboot, then press and hold volume to get in recovery.
    • trial, test, then reboot. I tried a couple times of last four steps as my twrp would not stay for some reason. It was replaced by stock recovery. If this happen try flash twrp, boot to twrp, and flash something in twrp.
    • In twrp again, if ask password, cancel it and re-format data, reboot for new system setup.
    • In twrp again, if not being replaced, and internal storage accessible, flash magisk.
    • reboot to system, we are done!
  • In Settings->Security, turn on allow unknown sources.
    • download magisk manager apk from XDA, install it, then reboot to activate it.
    • launch magisk manager, from download,
      • install iYTBP – Youtube Vanced.
      • install xposed framework
    • enable those two modules then reboot. Allow xposed framework to flash the cache.
  • You will see xposed installer. launch it.
  • Install
    • bootmanager
    • minminguard
    • youtube ad blocker
  • Install screen standby from XDA https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1934495



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How to setup a Palm Pre with Page Plus standard prepaid plan (without data)

I recently think about using page plus as my backup cell phone plan. The reasons are
1. the coverage of verizon network coverage.
2. the newly rolled out $80 for 2000 minutes last a year plan.
Something I worry about:
Page plus sub-hell customer services and their unstable/inaccurate billing system.
Finally decide to give it a try. The phone I picked is a Palm Pre.

Here is the procedures to use a Palm Pre with page plus standard plan. Most of the work is to setup the phone. I bought my Palm Pre off craigslist for $60. Right after the deal, I bought a page plus activation off ebay from kittywireless. Their hard work and awesome customer service helped my stay away from page plus customer service daemons. Kitty activated my phone really quick and sent me the procedure for me to do on my phone in less than an hour.

To activate the phone line:

  1. Tap the right low corner of the screen. Choose “Emergency Call”, so I can dial a number out. The “Customer Service” call won’t allow me to modify the number to dial.
  2. Revmove the 911 number, and put the number sent from kitty. It’s *22890 or *228. *22890 should program the phone automatically.
  3. If the phone shows ‘connecting’ but no ‘connected’ for long time, hangup and wait for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Repeat step 2.
  5. Now the Palm Pre is activated.

Because my standard pageplus plan does not provide data access, now the issue is to bypass the palm profile setup on the phone (Palm Activation). If you have data from page plus, you can go ahead setup your palm profile.

  1. Download Palm WebDoctor from here.  http://www.palm.com/us/support/downloads/pre/recoverytool/webosdoctor_faq_carrier_en.html
  2. Download PlamOS Quick Install from here.  http://forums.precentral.net/canuck-coding/274461-webos-quick-install-v4-03-a.html
  3. Download the activation bypass tool from palm here.
  4. Run the PalmOS Quick Install first. It will take care of the driver problem on Windows XP.
  5. Run WebDoctor, see if it can see the Palm Pre, even in recovery mode.
  6. Follow the procedure to put the phone in recovery mode,  and run the activation bypass tool as ‘java -jar devicetool.jar’. For details, read the bypass the activation.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Run WebOSQuickInstall. Search for Preware and install it. Since I bypassed the phone activation and ended up no palm profile, I cannot use the app catalog and updates. With Preware, I can install apps and updates.
  9. I am ready to go.
  10. Extra works:
  • Google weatherman, see if you can find a free ipkg copy of their old verion. The newer 2.1 one costs only $1.99.
  • Install facebook beta 1.5 from Preware. On the first run, Plam Pre sync with all facebook contacts.
  • Install InternalZ from Preware.
  • Install Dr. Battery from Preware.
  • Sync my google account with my Palm Pre.
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My first on hand impression with Roku XD.

received my roku xd. Played with it for about 2 hours. It’s not bad but not that great either.

The good:
1. Small, extremely easy to do basic/quick setup, and it’s 1080P.
2. Free contents available, even in HD!
3. $70 for a Roku XD is a great deal
4. I do see its potential as more channels would be available.
5. All in all it’s a nice gadget.

The bad:
1. The claim they made about “no computer needed” is not true. I do need a computer to activate my Roku, Pandora, possibly other channels.
2. Started to think they should pack at least 2 extra remotes per Roku. Quite a few unnecessary key presses and menu design would quickly damage a remote.
3. The roku menu is slow. Remove a channel cause about 20 seconds waiting time, and there are other waiting times during setup the box. Coffee times.
4. Limited free resources available. Hope they would change it.
5. The video quality is mostly unknown. Most of those I can figure out while waiting for it to be buffered. Regular TV resolution has two dots, HD will have HD logo on the right of the 4 dots.  But Roku devs, do you ever think it too late to show that?

Mostly needed by me:
Dear Roku, Can I maintain my channels online without code from Roku? and make my own viewing schedule?

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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tech, gadgets, will age too

I was trying to find a staples store this afternoon. Being relatively new to this small city, I have to find my way around. I do remember I saw a staples store, so I know my g-brand GPS was wrong when it told me the close staples was
about 30 miles away in a different city. Well, it was 5 years old GPS with no recent update and less POI loaded.

Driving around for a while I found a Starbucks. Buy my self a cup of latte, and used my XV6700 to connect to WIFI and google map staples. Turned out I spent almost 30 minutes for this. I thought it would only take me 5 minutes. I did that before but it was a surprise that everything changed since my last try. The WIFI is AT&T, and I could not get sinal outside, and even inside the signal was like 小灵通 (you have to be at right time, right place, and right pose to get it). The old XV6700’s wireless management software was horrible now due to less of WIFI networks when it was written.

Now it easily fell into a forever loop of warning/error dialogs. Eventually I turned the flight mode on, disabled all wireles but WIFI. Reset the phone to kill all browser and google maps, so the dialog loop stopped. Then I moved around the Starbucks, found the place I could have signal, but google maps still failed. Launched IE, figured that I can only to two places, att.com and the att page for starbucks. Fortuanly I worked on my DSL modem so I could still recall my id and pwd for my att dsl account. Logged in, then every thing worked. I found the staples from staples.com and google map too. Glad to know that staples now have a site for mobile phones.

So after all that, I felt I was in the center of taichi, not happy but do feel some positive, not sad but had some negatives. I guess all I need would be updating my gadgets sets. If I know this place well, I would be in above scenario; If I planed well, I will have a map print out or an address of the destination; If my GPS is updated, I would find that place; If I have a newer phone, hope it would connect to internet easier.

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.webinfo file caused trouble.

I tried to open a web application project in VS2005 SP1. It got opened and be treated as web site!!
Spent quite a few minutes and found there is  a webinfo file. Delete it, works!!!
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SQL Server Problems I Had

OK, I have not touched the SQL server on my office PC. It was SQL Express 2005. There is a developer version of SQL server 2005 with VS2005, so I decided to install it.
My unluckiness started.
The uninstallation GPFed in the middle and the entry in "Add or Remove software" were gone. When I tried to install the new VS2005,
it gave me a warning on COM+ when it checked the prerequirements, then it failed on installing.
COM+ fixes:
1. Rename %WinDir%\System32\Clbcatq.dll to %WinDir%\System32\~Clbcatq.dll
2. Reboot.
3. Use regedit or regedt32 to delete HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\COM3
4. At c:\, type cd \%windir%, Enter
5. rmdir /s Registration
6. Launch Add/Remove Programs, pick Add/Remove Window Components.
7. Click next, it will re-install COM+
7+, If IIS is installed, run "rundll32 %windir%\system32\inetsrv\wamreg.dll,CreateIISPackage"
Well, it may still fail, even failed at step 7.  Reg
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