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I was trying to find a staples store this afternoon. Being relatively new to this small city, I have to find my way around. I do remember I saw a staples store, so I know my g-brand GPS was wrong when it told me the close staples was
about 30 miles away in a different city. Well, it was 5 years old GPS with no recent update and less POI loaded.

Driving around for a while I found a Starbucks. Buy my self a cup of latte, and used my XV6700 to connect to WIFI and google map staples. Turned out I spent almost 30 minutes for this. I thought it would only take me 5 minutes. I did that before but it was a surprise that everything changed since my last try. The WIFI is AT&T, and I could not get sinal outside, and even inside the signal was like 小灵通 (you have to be at right time, right place, and right pose to get it). The old XV6700’s wireless management software was horrible now due to less of WIFI networks when it was written.

Now it easily fell into a forever loop of warning/error dialogs. Eventually I turned the flight mode on, disabled all wireles but WIFI. Reset the phone to kill all browser and google maps, so the dialog loop stopped. Then I moved around the Starbucks, found the place I could have signal, but google maps still failed. Launched IE, figured that I can only to two places, and the att page for starbucks. Fortuanly I worked on my DSL modem so I could still recall my id and pwd for my att dsl account. Logged in, then every thing worked. I found the staples from and google map too. Glad to know that staples now have a site for mobile phones.

So after all that, I felt I was in the center of taichi, not happy but do feel some positive, not sad but had some negatives. I guess all I need would be updating my gadgets sets. If I know this place well, I would be in above scenario; If I planed well, I will have a map print out or an address of the destination; If my GPS is updated, I would find that place; If I have a newer phone, hope it would connect to internet easier.

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