My first on hand impression with Roku XD.

received my roku xd. Played with it for about 2 hours. It’s not bad but not that great either.

The good:
1. Small, extremely easy to do basic/quick setup, and it’s 1080P.
2. Free contents available, even in HD!
3. $70 for a Roku XD is a great deal
4. I do see its potential as more channels would be available.
5. All in all it’s a nice gadget.

The bad:
1. The claim they made about “no computer needed” is not true. I do need a computer to activate my Roku, Pandora, possibly other channels.
2. Started to think they should pack at least 2 extra remotes per Roku. Quite a few unnecessary key presses and menu design would quickly damage a remote.
3. The roku menu is slow. Remove a channel cause about 20 seconds waiting time, and there are other waiting times during setup the box. Coffee times.
4. Limited free resources available. Hope they would change it.
5. The video quality is mostly unknown. Most of those I can figure out while waiting for it to be buffered. Regular TV resolution has two dots, HD will have HD logo on the right of the 4 dots.  But Roku devs, do you ever think it too late to show that?

Mostly needed by me:
Dear Roku, Can I maintain my channels online without code from Roku? and make my own viewing schedule?

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