How to setup a Palm Pre with Page Plus standard prepaid plan (without data)

I recently think about using page plus as my backup cell phone plan. The reasons are
1. the coverage of verizon network coverage.
2. the newly rolled out $80 for 2000 minutes last a year plan.
Something I worry about:
Page plus sub-hell customer services and their unstable/inaccurate billing system.
Finally decide to give it a try. The phone I picked is a Palm Pre.

Here is the procedures to use a Palm Pre with page plus standard plan. Most of the work is to setup the phone. I bought my Palm Pre off craigslist for $60. Right after the deal, I bought a page plus activation off ebay from kittywireless. Their hard work and awesome customer service helped my stay away from page plus customer service daemons. Kitty activated my phone really quick and sent me the procedure for me to do on my phone in less than an hour.

To activate the phone line:

  1. Tap the right low corner of the screen. Choose “Emergency Call”, so I can dial a number out. The “Customer Service” call won’t allow me to modify the number to dial.
  2. Revmove the 911 number, and put the number sent from kitty. It’s *22890 or *228. *22890 should program the phone automatically.
  3. If the phone shows ‘connecting’ but no ‘connected’ for long time, hangup and wait for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Repeat step 2.
  5. Now the Palm Pre is activated.

Because my standard pageplus plan does not provide data access, now the issue is to bypass the palm profile setup on the phone (Palm Activation). If you have data from page plus, you can go ahead setup your palm profile.

  1. Download Palm WebDoctor from here.
  2. Download PlamOS Quick Install from here.
  3. Download the activation bypass tool from palm here.
  4. Run the PalmOS Quick Install first. It will take care of the driver problem on Windows XP.
  5. Run WebDoctor, see if it can see the Palm Pre, even in recovery mode.
  6. Follow the procedure to put the phone in recovery mode,  and run the activation bypass tool as ‘java -jar devicetool.jar’. For details, read the bypass the activation.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Run WebOSQuickInstall. Search for Preware and install it. Since I bypassed the phone activation and ended up no palm profile, I cannot use the app catalog and updates. With Preware, I can install apps and updates.
  9. I am ready to go.
  10. Extra works:
  • Google weatherman, see if you can find a free ipkg copy of their old verion. The newer 2.1 one costs only $1.99.
  • Install facebook beta 1.5 from Preware. On the first run, Plam Pre sync with all facebook contacts.
  • Install InternalZ from Preware.
  • Install Dr. Battery from Preware.
  • Sync my google account with my Palm Pre.
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8 Responses to How to setup a Palm Pre with Page Plus standard prepaid plan (without data)

  1. mario says:

    I have Palm 755p, I want to change on Palm Pre Plus in pagesplus. How can I then make ?. Thank You

    • yb45324 says:

      Well, you need a verizon palm pre or pixi. Then have it activated to pageplus. Ebay has quite a few pageplus dealer offering $1 activation. I usually use kittywireless.
      You have to emphasis on activating DATA line. If you have data line, you won’t need all those hacking procedure above.

  2. mario says:

    Hallo ,
    I disconnected defective palm 755 p and activate Palm Pre Plus. After I remove the 911 and put the number sent from Pages Plus the phone wont sing in : “ Use the email address and password to created profile. I can call any phone when I choose remove Emergency Call and put phone when I wish to call . But nobody can ring to me. On procedure above I stop on point 3. I can not take a file. When I took from different side, then I stopped in point 5. ( Checking system … Novacomd … Connect your phone directly with your USB cable. Do not remove the battery or disconnect your phone during this process . ) How I can created my profile and password or skip it I have not to application the theses of access in telephone. I ask about help. Thank You

  3. yb45324 says:

    There is an easy way and the way I posted. The easy way to contact the dealer you used. They should activate the data service for you, so you can setup the profile.

    If you stopped at step 3, that means your phone was not ready yet. You may have to wait for awhile and try dial *22890 again. On my case, I waited about 2 hours to get the *22890 passed through.

    I would not recommend you try “the other way”. It’s kind of risky, and you may brick your phone. However, if you really want to try it. You may have to put your phone into recovery mode.

  4. Somaraju says:

    I bought a Palm Pre Plus verizon, unlocked to use it on Reliance Network in India. Using *228 i ported my old mobile number to this pre plus. Now, when I make or receive calls I could listen only for the first 2-3 seconds only. afterwards it says call dropped /signal faded. But I have FULL signal showing. Please advice me whether it is a hardware issue or software or network related problem. My pre plus is updated to WebOS

  5. gracehead says:

    This is great … but will it work with my Sprint Palm Pre … or is this Verizon only?

    • yb45324 says:

      I have verizon palm pre, but as far as i can tell this would work on sprint pre too. The only difference I can remember between the 2 models is
      the orange shift button.

  6. valery says:

    am having palm pre 100ueu ican call but can acess menu

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