Le Max 2 tiny project

5f247d7e58bb78c8068683dfdde86440 LeEco Max 2 x820 has dual sim and fantastic screen, however it has been collecting for quite a while on my desk. Now it’s time to put it to work

The Max 2 has dual sim cards and both can be on 3G. My two sims

  • Freedompop LTE
  • Lycamobile Paygo

Project goals:

  • Phone will have both sim cards active, Lycamobile sends/receives calls and texts and Freedompop card handles data.
  • Phone will have bootloader unlocked and root.
  • Xposed framework and some modules installed to stop ads.
  • Youtube can play on background
  • Youtube ads will be blocked.


  • Unlock bootloader
    • Enable developer mode and turn one
      • usb debug
      • Allow oem unlock
    • Launch adb, and make sure phone connected by running adb devices.
    • adb reboot bootloader
    • when in bootloader, fastboot oem unlock. No pass code needed for Max 2.
  • Download twrp at https://twrp.me/leeco/leecolemax2.html
  • While phone is still in bootloader, fastboot boot path_to_twrp\twrp-3.1.1-0-x2.img
    • unplug phone from usb cable
    • plug in usb OTG drive
    • backup system, boot, data, EFS, etc. Do not backup “system image” partition, it may cause backup to fail.
    • When all done, reboot to bootloader again and plug phone back.
  • Download latest magisk zip file from XDA.
  • Make sure phone is connected by “fastboot devices”.
    • fastboot flash recovery path_to_twrp\twrp-3.1.1-0-x2.img
    • be prepared to press and hold volume up.
    • fastboot reboot, then press and hold volume to get in recovery.
    • trial, test, then reboot. I tried a couple times of last four steps as my twrp would not stay for some reason. It was replaced by stock recovery. If this happen try flash twrp, boot to twrp, and flash something in twrp.
    • In twrp again, if ask password, cancel it and re-format data, reboot for new system setup.
    • In twrp again, if not being replaced, and internal storage accessible, flash magisk.
    • reboot to system, we are done!
  • In Settings->Security, turn on allow unknown sources.
    • download magisk manager apk from XDA, install it, then reboot to activate it.
    • launch magisk manager, from download,
      • install iYTBP – Youtube Vanced.
      • install xposed framework
    • enable those two modules then reboot. Allow xposed framework to flash the cache.
  • You will see xposed installer. launch it.
  • Install
    • bootmanager
    • minminguard
    • youtube ad blocker
  • Install screen standby from XDA https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1934495



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